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Ecogen is a leading world class service provider of clean and sustainable energy solutions. Established by two founders with a passion for clean energy, we do installations and commissioning of renewable energy systems. We also provide consultancy services, commissioning and installations on High Voltage Electrical systems up to and including 500kV.

Having a combined background in electrical engineering, business administration and project management as well as vast experience in commissioning and testing of high voltage solar, wind and grid systems has equipped us for this challenging, exciting and worthwhile venture. We are focused on bringing sustainable solutions to our clients, pledging high quality products, installations and services that are reliable and efficient.

We also strongly believe in continuous learning to stay abreast with the new and dynamic trends in green energy systems which have a lot of untapped potential. At Ecogen we believe in full utilisation of nature’s renewable resources such as the sun, wind and use of bio digesters. We believe clean energy is the best way of preserving our ecosystem by helping in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

World pollution has reached alarming levels, any effort to reduce and combat it helps to save the earth. Employing renewable energy has positive effects all the way round as it does not cause or affect anyone or anything negatively in any way, shape or form. It is environmentally friendly.

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