Traditionally food wastes, animal manure, tree leaves, grass and other forms of organic waste substances have been used to make compost whose end product is a fertiliser used in our gardens and farms to provide very rich nutrients to the plants. In the process of composting there are some gases that are produced and one of them is the methane gas which has more negative effects on the atmosphere than other toxic gases

With the advent of modern technology, this methane gas can be used to produce electricity and also as a source of heat for cooking and lighting thereby lowering the rate of global warming caused by methane gas in its naturally unused form. This methane gas can be utilised for all these uses through the usage bio digesters. Domestics bio digesters are can be used as a heating source for cooking to replace firewood thereby reducing the effects of deforestation. Bio digesters use readily available waste such as food leftovers, fats, sludge.

In rural areas and on farms cow dung can be used as it is very rich in methane gas, thereby reducing the rate of global warming by positively channelling methane gas for use in electricity production, heating for cooking. Bio- digesters decompose or degrade all these organic substances under anaerobic conditions and capture the methane gas produced and use it more purposefully and the remnants are used as nutrient rich liquid fertiliser.

At Ecogen we help harvest this form of energy through installing low cost bio-digesters that are affordable to all. Bio-digesters are a user friendly form of heating and lighting sources for the most of our customers especially the rural and farmland ones who are often off-grid customers. Biogas is gaining momentum as an environmentally friendly way to assist farmers stop runoff into water source and generate power and fertilizer in a green manner which is suitable for organic farming.

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